We aim to assist in every step of prompting art initiatives in public spaces – from commissioning and supporting new art works, relocating existing art for its greater potential, initiating dialogue regarding art-supportive legislation up to reaching new audiences and expanding public awareness of contemporary art.


The Monument21 initiative reflects our times, new art tendencies and celebrates creativity above all else. Through the support of sculptures and art installations in the public spaces, it will bring not only aesthetic values, but also a sense of identity, pride and ultimately, a sense of belonging.


Monuments and sculptures bind one generation to another. They communicate our story towards the future. What will be our message?

In the past, sculpture frequently complied with the wishes of society and became an instrument of ideological tasks. As a reminiscence of past regimes, we look at old monuments as reminders of historical events, and as a reflection of the political, social and cultural situation. Many statues and  monuments from the previous era have been removed and all that remains are empty pedestals.

The land between towns and cities is filling up with developers’ projects at an unprecedented pace, however without the sufficient incorporation of art and aesthetical values in the public space. We believe that art should exist among people and through direct experience it can inspire, cultivate and unite even such people who would not visit any traditional cultural institution. Therefore, we see the opportunity and the need to support this period of transition in order for a new kind of monumentality and public art to arise.

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