Kristina Jarosova

Zaťko Jarošová

Mgr. Kristína Zaťko Jarošová, M. A. holds a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art Theory from London University’s Goldsmiths College. She also read the History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. Since 2009, she has gained extensive experience at Sotheby’s, London and Kunsthalle, Bratislava, as a producer and dramaturge of the documentary cycle MANIFEST and as  director and co-founder of the ART FOND art collection. In addition to her art gallery responsibilities, Kristína works as a specialist and adviser for contemporary art, and as an art critic and curator.

andrej zatko


Ing. Andrej Zaťko is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Post Bank in Slovakia. Since 1997, he has been working in banking and the management of assets and unit trusts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. He is a passionate collector and supporter of Slovak contemporary art.

peter jaros (1)


Peter Jaroš, is a Slovak writer, editor, dramaturge, screenwriter, and author of The Millenial Bee, one of the most important Slovak novels of the 20th century. He also wrote the screenplay for the film of the same title directed by Juraj Jakubisko. It was the most successful Slovak film for decades (a million viewers saw it in cinemas, and the four-part television version has high ratings) and won several important international and domestic awards, including the Golden Phoenix (La Fenice del Cinema), the Prize of the Jury of the Culture Centre of Venice “for artistic work and Best Cinematography” at the 40th International Film Festival in Venice, 1983. He also wrote the screenplay for Martin Ťapák’s film Pacho, the Brigand of Hybe (1975), which also met with extraordinary success. His novels and short stories have been published in Polish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Russian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Czech among others.

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